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Here are the rocks that I originally started the catalog with:

105090Gas sand tight streak3,250 m/s
10,662.73 ft/s
1,780 m/s
5,839.895 ft/s
105091Gas sand, Class III2,540 m/s
8,333.334 ft/s
1,620 m/s
5,314.961 ft/s
105092Gas sand, Class IV1,650 m/s
5,413.386 ft/s
1,090 m/s
3,576.116 ft/s
105093Shale, Class III2,900 m/s
9,514.436 ft/s
1,330 m/s
4,363.517 ft/s
105094Shale, Class IV3,240 m/s
10,629.922 ft/s
1,620 m/s
5,314.961 ft/s
105095Brine sand, Class IV2,590 m/s
8,497.376 ft/s
1,060 m/s
3,477.69 ft/s

This is the query that generated that table:

{{#ask:[[Citation::Castagna and Swan 1997]]|?Description|?VpP-wave velocity|?VsS-wave velocity}}

You can also make a link to a CSV file with this data, just by adding format=csv to the query: CSV

Querying via a form

Go to the semantic search form and type [[lithology::shale]][[vp::>5000]]

Querying via the web APIApplication programming interface

Make a query via the web APIApplication programming interface with a rather long URLUniform resource locator, e.g.

http://www.subsurfwiki.org/api.php?action=ask&query=[[RPC:%2B]][[lithology::shale]][[VpP-wave velocity::>5000]]|%3FVp|%3FVs|%3FRho&format=jsonfm