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Petrophysics usually refers to the science of geophysical log data collection, processing, and analysis. More broadly, the term might include the specialist subject of rock physics.

Determination of Vsh from GR

Quantitative evaluation of shale content using gamma ray data assumes that radioactive minerals other than shales and clay are absent. The gamma ray shale index, I_\mathrm{GR} is defined as

I_\mathrm{GR} = \frac {\mathrm{GR} - \mathrm{GR}_\mathrm{clean}}{\mathrm{GR}_\mathrm{shale} - \mathrm{GR}_\mathrm{clean}}

where \mathrm{GR} is the log response in the zone of interest (APIApplication programming interface units), \mathrm{GR}_\mathrm{clean} is the log response in a clean, shale free zone (APIApplication programming interface units), and \mathrm{GR}_\mathrm{shale} is the log response in a shale bed (APIApplication programming interface units).

Determination of Vsh from SP

Equation, pitfalls, and considerations...


Archie equation

Empirical equations

Pseudo velocity relationships

Gardner's equation

Faust's equation

Smith's equation

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