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We are an ad hoc mixture of Matt Hall and Evan Bianco.

Who we are

Matt Hall has a PhD in sedimentology from the University of Manchester, UK, and 15 years’ experience in the hydrocarbon industry. He has worked for Landmark as a volume interpretation specialist, Statoil as an explorationist, and ConocoPhillips as a geophysical advisor. Matt has a broad range of interests, from signal processing to facies analysis, and from uncertainty modelling to knowledge sharing.

Evan Bianco has a Master’s degree in geophysics from the University of Alberta, Canada, and four years’ experience as an industry consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Evan’s interests also span a range of disciplines, from time-lapse seismic in oil sands to integrated interpretation and geomodelling.

What we do

We are a geoscience consulting practice based in Nova Scotia, Canada, but operating all over the world. We specialize in solving subsurface problems in the petroleum industry. Technology problems, analysis problems, data problems.

We have expertise in geophysical interpretation, seismic modelling, geodata manipulation, uncertainty analysis, and knowledge management. Our domain includes conventional resources, oil sands and shale gas. If you have a tough subsurface problem, call us. We will make progress in 24 hours or you can fire us and walk away.

Contact us

Click here for a form to contact us on our website.